What is an Escape Room, Anyways?

Back in the day, classic escape rooms started as 60-minute games where you worked with your fellow players to discover clues and solve puzzles to escape a room before the clock ran out.

Escape rooms have come a long way since then….

We at Red Fox are striving to bring you a truly unique and immersive adventure. One hour where you lock away your smartphone and put your daily cares aside. You’ll assume a new identity to navigate the realistic worlds we have created for you. Your aim is not to escape, but to complete a mission; solving puzzles that are integrated into the setting and overcoming obstacles that drive your story forwards.  

Our diverse, themed escape rooms (The Heist, The U-Boat, more to come…) are brimming with novel puzzles, designed from scratch, and “wow” moments that were dreamed up to surprise, challenge and delight you!

Red Fox Escapes is thrilled to finally bring the fun of escape rooms to Cambridge!