Have you ever wanted to star in your own action movie? Gather your motley crew of thieves and come to The Heist to attempt to pull off the most audacious theft the world has ever seen!

A private art gallery in Back Bay has become home to the world’s largest diamond, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Assembled in your secret hideout you have the blueprints, the inside knowledge of the gallery’s security detail, and all the tools you’ll need to execute your master plan. Now you just need to break into the gallery and get your hands on the diamond without getting caught!

You have only one chance, and one hour, to get it right. Today you determine your destiny: a lifetime of untold riches, or a decade behind bars?

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  • All games are private, with tiered pricing. Nobody else will be able to book into the same game with you.
  • Players under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Children are welcome to come with families, but our games are not well suited for larger groups of kids aged 13 and younger. We’re happy to give recommendations if you’re looking for a good party option for kids.
Bullseye Award - Best Puzzle Master 2020

Recipient of “Best Puzzle Master 2020” award for best puzzle and game design!

Top Escape Room in morty.app!

2022 Trepeca Nominee!