Frequently Asked Questions

Make it extra memorable: personalize your gift! If you would like us to hide a card or gift inside the escape as an extra surprise, just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll work with you to ensure their visit is an unforgettable experience!

Q: I want to do a corporate team-building event. Can you tell me more?

We’ve had loads of positive feedback and reviews from corporate teams who’ve had a blast.

Depending on your group size and preference, we can accommodate up to 12 people in The Heist, or would recommend splitting large groups across our two experiences which we would run in parallel for you (we can adjust the default times in the schedule to start both groups together). For groups of 20+ we typically run both rooms in parallel and back-to-back. We have plenty of staff to assist you before, during, and after your game.

If you’d like to chat about any of this, or have other questions, please drop me a line at any time.

Q: What if we want a private game?

By default, all of our experiences are private bookings, meaning no other groups may book into the same time slot as you. To allow couples to play our larger games without buying 4 tickets, we have several games each week that are explicitly labelled “Public Game”. Other players may join you if you book one of these games.

Q: How difficult is your escape room experience?

Unlike many escape rooms that emphasize their escape rates, our philosophy is that we want everyone to have a great time. Because of this, we can adjust the difficulty of several puzzles to match the size and experience level of the players. At baseline it’s an immersive and puzzle-heavy room, and has been designed to be fun for large groups, with many puzzles that can be solved in parallel.

It would definitely be considered more difficult than most (we are right between Harvard and MIT, and surrounded by biotech and high tech companies, so we had to design for our local market!). But our puzzles are all very clear and logical (I have played rooms that are “hard” because the puzzles make no sense, rather than because they are clever or tricky). However, we pay close attention to teams while they are playing, and give unlimited hints and nudges to try and give everyone the optimal experience. We try hard to have most of our customers “succeed”, by giving just the right level of help. Without hints and nudges, I guess the escape rate would be around 20-25%. We have a LOT of VERY clever customers!

Q: Can we book for 11-13 people?

We’d be delighted to host your outing, and 11 is no problem. We’ve even hosted 13 adults in The Heist many times with great success. The U-Boat is most enjoyable with a maximum of 10 players.

If you’d like to move ahead with booking, please just book for 10 on our website, and I can adjust to add another player when I see your booking come through. Or if it’s easier for you, I’d be happy to take your booking over the phone.

Q: Can we book for 14-20 people?

Absolutely! We have two escapes – The Heist and The U-Boat – each of which can take up to 10 players, so we can simply split your group in half, and run the two games in parallel with one another.

If you’d like to book this, please just give me a call and I can take your booking by phone (I will need to adjust the default calendar to start the games at the same time).

Q: Do you have parking at your facility?

We don’t have our own parking facility but there are several municipal lots within 1-2 blocks:
1) Green Street Garage
2) large surface lot at Norfolk St & Bishop Allen Drive
3) surface lot at Green St & Pleasant St

Q: What’s this about being able to customize a special code in the rooms?

The personalization is for team-building, birthdays, special events, etc where we can incorporate a person’s name or other meaningful word to be the answer to one of the puzzles. e.g. for a Brandeis research group we had EIF3 (the name of the protein they studied: Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 3), or for a marriage proposal last weekend we had LOVE. Are there any 4-letter words your group would get a kick out of? If so, we’d be happy to add it into the room for a private booking! 

Q: Are you able to cater food?

We don’t provide catering, but we are surrounded by great restaurants. 

Two in particular come to mind that are good, within a few minutes’ walk, and would be a good choice to accommodate your large group:

730 Tavern Kitchen & Patio (at 730 Mass Ave), has classic American cuisine.

Naco Taco (at 297 Mass Ave), has (obviously) Mexican cuisine.

There are many other fancier restaurants nearby that are great, but be sure to reserve well in advance to seat larger groups: Little Donkey, Waypoint, Catalyst

Q: Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?

Our games (and corridors, restrooms, etc) are wheelchair accessible. Only one or two puzzles might not be accessible to you, but >90% of them would be. However, the building is very old and the elevator to the basement doesn’t have a door wide enough for ADA standards (I believe they were grandfathered in). If you wouldn’t mind sharing the width of your wheelchair with me, I’d be happy to check if it would fit. If it doesn’t fit, I’m sincerely sorry. It was one of the most unfortunate compromises we had to accept when choosing this location. There is an old-school freight elevator on Green Street, which we could bring you downstairs on, if you wouldn’t mind the mini adventure of entering Red Fox through our rather un-glamorous rear entrance.