Safe Reopening at Red Fox

Safety First! The one thing more important to us than customer fun and satisfaction, is keeping everybody safe. With our reopening, we’ve introduced 7 safety measures to let you focus on having a good time without fear of catching the coronavirus.

  1. All Private Games: Once you book for your team, we block the rest of the spots in that game, so no strangers will join you. Where we used to charge $300 for private games, thanks to COVID-19, you get a private game at no extra cost! (for now!)
  2. Masks and Distancing: Outside the game room, we require all customers and staff to wear masks and stay 6 ft apart from people you did not arrive with. In practice this will just mean keeping your distance from your Game Master, as we are keeping customer groups apart from one another.
  3. Clean Games: We are using CDC-approved industrial cleaners to wipe down high touch surfaces between every game. And we wipe everything else down once a day.
  4. Clean Customers: We strongly encourage every customer to wash their hands in our beautiful, clean restrooms, or to use hand sanitizer, before and after their game.
  5. Contactless Check-In: Upon booking, customers receive a link to share with all team members, where you can check in from any computer or mobile device. [but if you forget, we have tablets that get wiped down between every touch]
  6. Fresh Air: Our AC is configured to do NO AIR RECIRCULATION! So all the air blasting from our vents is fresh from the rooftop, and all the air you’ve been breathing, gets exhausted back outside.
  7. #2 counts as two. That’s how we get to 7.